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DHL GLOBAL FORWARDING: Air, Ocean and Ground Freight Forwarding

DOCUMENT: Download electronic documents from DHL Global Forwarding Document Management Systems


Calculates the duties, taxes and governmental fees for any international shipment, taking into consideration country de minimis values and preferential tariff rates that may apply. The Duty and Tax Calculator API does not provide shipping rates, but instead uses the shipping rate charged to the consignee as an input.

Works with
Any carrier, not just DHL, and have a Worldwide scope.

Free 30-day trial
Get immediate access and 30 days of free calculations (API calls).

Best for:

  • Business Customers sending PDF documents as mail shipment with Deutsche Post 
    • Using varied mail shipments of Deutsche Post with E-POST
    • Tracking the shipment from uploading through delivery
  • Get access and implementing the E-POSTBUSINESS API

Sales Invoice Push API enables customers to receive invoice data from DHL Freight. 

Best for receiving:

  1. Sales Invoice
  2. Credit Notes
  3. Correction Invoice

Push API is a three step process. 

  1. Register for Push API subscription
  2. Provide your URL callback details (POST /subscription/invoice)
  3. Start to receive messages pushed from DHL to your API

Other HTTP methods such as GET & PATCH are created for supporting you with fetching subscription details & modifying configurations.

The INTERNETMARKE is the fast online-postage for Deutsche Post products.

Best for:

  • postcards and letter products domestic / international
  • domestic shipments of books and goods
  • press distribution and books International Germany
  • registered mail national Germany und international

Best for:

  • Business Customers using Mail Communication Services (discounted rate) (Verfolgen Brief Teilleistungen)
  • Subscribing to DPDHL Mail Communication Tracking Push API
    • Register for Push API subscription
    • Provide your client URL and business customer portal user
    • Start receiving daily mail shipment status pushed from DPDHL to your endpoint

Best for:

  • Business customers of Deutsche Post AG
  • Electronic order management of Deutsche Post AG's commercial and logistics processes (Mail)

Best for:

  • Validate postnumbers to ensure deliverability of shipments to the corresponding person at Packstation parcel lockers.

Best for:

  • Creating labels for domestic and international shipments
  • Users with a DHL Parcel EU entity customer account
  • Sending shipments in selected EU countries and from them worldwide
Early Access

Best for:

  • Parcel UK shipping and tracking
  • Creating Domestic (UK) and International parcel shipments (UK pickup) 
  • Retrieving product and service information, which can be used to integrate and enrich your own IT fulfilment systems

This API is used for creating and managing Print-Mailing campaigns as well as automated, trigger-based sending of recipient information through 3rd party Marketing Automation Systems.

The Print-Mailing API features:

  • Creating and managing campaigns
  • Designing campaigns with a maximum of individualization
  • High quality printing
  • Best in class delivery by Deutsche Post

This API is used for dispatching Dialogue Marketing print mailings.

  • Calculate and optimize prices
  • Create shipping documents
  • Franking
  • Place and change your order
  • Use an easy way for dispatch preparation in your software

This API is used for planning Dialogue Marketing print mailings.

  • Plan new target groups and
  • Select target areas.
  • Get possible options for your print mailing directly and
  • Receive relevant recipient data for the dispatch preparation.

Best for:

  • Creating shipment and quick bookings in transport management systems 
  • Business customers of DHL Global Forwarding
  • Air, Ocean, Rail, and Road Freight shipments

Best for:

  • Generating DGF shipment labels
  • Business customers of DHL Global Forwarding
  • Air and Ocean Freight shipments

Best for:

  • Providing access to the latest shipment event
  • Business customers of DHL Global Forwarding
  • Air and Ocean Freight shipments

Best for:

  • Providing access to the shipment status at any time
  • Business customers of DHL Global Forwarding
  • Air, Ocean, Road and Rail Freight shipments

Best for:

  • Providing access to the Transport Order information at any time
  • Customer-centric contract logistics solutions
  • Business customers of DHL Supply Chain

Best for:

  • Providing an interface to the Transport Management System (TMS)
  • Customer-centric contract logistics solutions
  • Business customers of DHL Supply Chain