DHL Express - MyDHL API
v 2.9.0
Division: DHL Express

Best for:

  • Rating, Shipping, Tracking & more for time-definite international shipments
  • Users with a DHL Express customer account
  • Available globally
Region: Global
Used for: Shipping, Rating, Products, Landed Cost, Tracking

MyDHL API combines the benefits of DHL Express with your in-house shipping processes. Integrating into your website, it connects with your existing order entry,  warehouse management and other business software systems to help you run a more streamlined and efficient operation. Simply integrate!

MyDHL API is your one stop solution for all DHL EXPRESS service operations. It consists of:


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Integrated Solutions
Rating Product Landed Cost Shipment Pickup Tracking Address Identifier
Optimize and grow your business
  • Integrate DHL Express functions – such as fulfilment processes – into your existing system seamlessly
  • Access shipping options and rates for DHL Express without the need to switch programs or re-enter information
  • Retain the user interface your teams are familiar with – no need for timely and costly employee training
  • Sell more at your e-commerce checkout by offering DHL Express shipping products, Landed costs and On Demand Delivery
Created for developers
  • A single API based on industry standards that developers know and understand
  • Built with the fast-paced warehouse and time-sensitive e-commerce checkout in mind
  • Dedicated API environment to test your solution
  • Developer support from local DHL Express API experts


Do more with MyDHL API
MyDHL API Services Description
The Rating service Operation will return DHL EXPRESS product capabilities (products, value added services and estimated delivery time) and your DHL EXPRESS Account rates. 
A light-weight version of the Rating service to retrieve available DHL Express products for a one-piece shipment.
Retrieve the estimated Landed Cost which includes Duties & Taxes. Please note for this service a catalogue of your items together with the customs data (i.e. HS Codes) needs to be provided upfront. 

The Shipment service Operation allows you to create complete DHL EXPRESS shipments which includes the shipping labels, optional customs documentation and pickups together with value added services such as Insurance. 

DHL EXPRESS recommends to use the Rating service first to see all the available products and value added services first to then pass the desired DHL EXPRESS product and value added service into the Shipment service Operation.

In addition to creating DHL Express shipments the SHIPMENT service can also provide electronic proof of delivery for certain delivered shipments and upload updated customs invoice images for your shipments.

The Pickup service can create, update or cancel DHL Express pickup requests 
The Tracking service retrieves tracking statuses for DHL Express Shipments
Validates if DHL Express has got pickup/delivery capabilities at origin/destination
Service to allocate identifiers upfront for DHL Express Breakbulk or Loose Break Bulk shipments

Using the API

The API has been designed for use by developers. You will need basic knowledge of REST APIs, JSON, and HTTPS. Also, your organization must to have an active customer account with DHL Express. If you need to learn more on how to get an account, go to the DHL Express customer account request page


Example use cases


Incorporating DHL shipping functionality into your websites, customer service applications or order processing systems makes it easy for you to ship and your customers to receive their parcels. DHL Express API allows you to stay up to date with DHL service availability, transit times, rates, shipment and courier pickup booking, along with shipment tracking from countries around the world. 

User Guide

Get Access

To use the DHL Express API, your organization requires to have an active customer account with DHL Express.

I already have a DHL Express Account number:

[1.] Start your on-boarding process [2.] Get API access
  • Login with your Developer Portal account
  • Click here to Get Access!

Your DHL Express API access will be provided and will be able to start developing your integration


If you are not a DHL Express customer, please proceed with the steps below to create a new customer account:

[1.] Request a customer account. [2.] Account Setup [3.] Get API access
Go to the DHL Express customer account request page. Complete the form and click Submit. The DHL Express team will contact you to set up your account.  Once you have been given your DHL Express Account, simply Click here to get Access! 


Your DHL EXPRESS consultant will provide you with access credentials to the DHL EXPRESS API (MyDHL API) and assist in technical queries you may have.

Please ensure that the Authorization header as part of the request is set as pre-emptively and following the BasicAuth standards. 


The addressable API base URL/URI environment is:  

Environment Description  Test environment to test your development against Production environment to create real transactions with DHL Express

Quota Limits

  • The DHL EXPRESS Test Environment will provide you a daily limit of 500 Service invocations for your access credentials. This should be used to test your integration development with DHL EXPRESS
  • The DHL EXPRESS Test Environment has formal SLA's against it to ensure that support is at hand with availability. 

Additional Information

The input data for DHL Express API is validated in several steps. The first step is general schema validation
based on data cardinality and data content restrictions defined by the request message format (i.e.
schema validation). In a second step, several business rules are applied on the passed data. The
results of these validations are placed in the result message of the service operation. The service
operation always delivers a result message. All errors or validation errors are stored in this result

Legal Terms
Specific Terms for the use of and access to the DHL Express - MyDHL API ("MyDHL API")
  1. When using or accessing the MyDHL API and its associated services (the “API Services”; for the avoidance of doubt, a reference to MyDHL API in these Legal Terms is deemed a reference to the MyDHL API including the API Services, unless the context suggests otherwise) you are entering into a legal agreement and you agree to all of these terms without amendment. In agreeing to these terms, you have already agreed to abide by DHL’s General Developer Portal Terms of Use, which represents an additional binding agreement relating to your use of the MyDHL API, the two sets of terms shall be interpreted collectively and known as (the „Legal Terms“) in this document.
  2. To register for the use of MyDHL API You and/or the legal entity you are authorized to represent (hereinafter “You”/”Your”) need to have an active customer account with a DHL Express entity. An API Productive Key and access details will be provided to You subject to a successful validation of Your credentials by DHL.
  3. If You engage an external developer, or other IT services provider to develop Your Application or any other third party (“Third Parties”) to access and/or use the MyDHL API on Your behalf, You remain fully liable for any acts or omissions of such Third Parties in connection with the access to and/or usage of the MyDHL API.
  4. The Legal Terms govern Your use of and/or access to the MyDHL API and, unless otherwise stated herein, do not replace and/or modify the applicable terms and conditions of carriage; any transportation services agreement; or any other agreements with DHL Express or any of its affiliates, which govern services or products provided to You (separately, each an “Agreement”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, You expressly acknowledge and agree that solely with respect to Your use of and access to the MyDHL API the Legal Terms shall take precedence over the terms and conditions in an Agreement, unless an Agreement specifically addresses the use of or access to the MyDHL API by You, in which case the Agreement shall prevail.
  5. Additional terms, to be accepted separately by You, may apply to certain API Services. Please be aware that transportation services provided by DHL Express are, and always remain, strictly subject to the DHL Express Terms and Conditions of Carriage.
  6. You grant DHL Express the right to use all data, documents, logos or other information transmitted by You to or within the MyDHL API (“Information”), for the purposes specified in the API Services. This includes the use of the Information for the purpose of processing and transporting shipments. You shall ensure that all Information which You transmit to DHL Express via the MyDHL API is complete, correct and accurate. You will be solely responsible for any damage or consequence that may arise from the use of false or incorrect or incomplete Information. You shall be solely responsible for, and shall indemnify DHL Express in full against, any claims, losses, damages or consequences that may arise from the use of or reliance on the Information.
  7. You are responsible for all activities conducted via the MyDHL API in accordance with all applicable laws, in particular competition, data protection and customs laws. You shall be responsible for the provision of the correct legal ground to process personal data in order for DHL Express to communicate with receivers and consignees of shipments. In particular, in countries where consent is required, You shall obtain the consent of any receiver for the receipt of any e-mail or SMS from DHL Express or any other data, documents or information in electronic form and in general, from any third party, for personal data owned by any third party and which You provided to DHL Express. On request of DHL Express, You shall provide DHL Express with evidence of such consent. 
  8. DHL Express will handle personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws and the Deutsche Post DHL Data Privacy Policy. More information can be found on DHL Express’ Privacy Notice. You must process all personal data You send to us or obtain from us, according to applicable data protection laws.
  9. You accept that DHL Express will incur costs in processing shipping orders made via the MyDHL API and that DHL Express may request that You compensate it in the event that You do not subsequently tender a shipment for the shipping orders at the expected pick-up time. 
  10. The API Services are provided on an "as is" basis. DHL Express, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excludes all warranties, whether express, implied, statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of third parties rights and fitness for a particular purpose. DHL Express, its affiliates or agents make no representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness, security or timeliness of the API Services. No information obtained via the MyDHL API shall create any warranty not expressly stated by DHL Express in the Legal Terms.
  11. You shall use the MyDHL API only for the legitimate contractual purposes and only in connection with Your DHL Express shipments.
  12. API Services

The following prerequisites and restrictions apply for the use of and access to the API Services, the data or the information provided via the MyDHL API.

The details below are not an exhaustive list of the API Services available through the MyDHL API, DHL Express just wants You to be aware of specific elements of certain API Services available to You. 

  • "Create a Shipment"
    • When using the API Service “Create a Shipment” this includes, amongst other things, the possibility to create and print shipping labels, to book shipment collections and access other value added services. Please be aware that the booking of the shipment within MyDHL API does not constitute the contract of carriage. The contract of carriage will only be concluded when the shipment is handed over or picked up and accepted by DHL Express.
  • "Product and Rating"
    • The API Service “Product” provides You with DHL Express’ product capabilities for a certain piece of a shipment, whereas the API Service “Rating” gives indications on prices and estimated delivery dates/times. 
    • The API Service “Landed Cost” calculates an estimated landed cost that includes customs duties, freight charges, and other charges that You may provide to DHL Express. For the “Landed Cost” service as part of the DHL EXPRESS – MyDHL API additional terms and conditions shall apply as set out below.
    • Data requested and received, such as product name, product capability, rate(s), lead time(s)/estimated delivery date(s), is hereinafter referred to as “Product and/or Rating Data”. 
    • The information about rates and transit time and/or delivery date, is only indicative and not guaranteed. DHL Express has no liability or responsibility for differences between this indicative quote and the actual rate or transit time. The final rate and/or transit time may differ based on the characteristics of the shipment, services requested and the packages actually tendered to DHL Express. Rates quoted may not include duties, taxes, customs charges or all surcharges and fees.
    • You shall not reveal to and/or provide any third parties, esp. other transportation and/or logistics services providers, with the Product and/or Rating Data without DHL Express’ prior written consent.
    • You shall not store and/or modify Product and/or Rating Data in any form; it is especially prohibited to analyze and/or derive data/information for competitive purposes from the Product and/or Rating Data without our prior written consent.
  • "Landed Cost Service" or ("LC") Cost Service” or (“LC”)
    • LC is a service to provide You with landed cost estimates.  Landed costs are the total costs associated with shipping a product to your location from another location and include estimated transportation charges and customs duties.  LC is based on the information you provide. You acknowledge that the data provided via the LC is time-sensitive and may change frequently. You are solely responsible for providing the required shipment data, i.e. shipping values such as freight and insurance, to DHL Express in order to calculate the estimated landed costs. 
    • LC does not replace the need for any insurance and the respective risk assessment by your insurance provider.  LC is solely offered to business customers. You may not use LC for any purpose that violates the General Developer Portal Terms of Use and these Legal Terms or any applicable law. You shall not substantially replicate products or services offered by DHL Express including, without limitation, features, functions or clients in LC. You shall not, under any circumstances, through applications or otherwise, repackage or resell LC services, or any part thereof, or data provided via LC and You agree not to create a database using the data/content provided via LC.
    • For all shipments, You are solely responsible for the accuracy of information which You fill in on shipment documents and also for complying with all applicable export, import, and other requirements applicable to your shipments.
  • Shipment
    • bypassPLTError query parameter made publicly available without any restriction to all the DHL Express MyDHL API customers
    • Updated invoice display logic to individually and consistently show Freight and Insurance charges, preventing them from being categorized under "Other Charges" for enhanced clarity.
    • Considering of special services (CIN2, GoGreen/ GoGreen+) which is part of Customer agreement on DHL Express account level when rendering the Transport label
    • Enhanced data validation:  positive values are enforced for parameters such as totalNetWeight, totalGrossWeight, price, netValue weight, grossValue weight, additionalCharges's value, importCustomsDutyValue, and importTaxesValue.
  • Invoice
    • Updated invoice display logic to individually and consistently show Freight and Insurance charges, preventing them from being categorized under "Other Charges" for enhanced clarity.
  • Get Image
    • Support document image retrieval of customs document with both the Export and Import document function type
  • Reference Data – new API
    • Introduced new resource allowing to retrieve various DHL Express related reference data
  • Service Point
    • Returns list of service points based on the given postal location address, service point ID or geocode details for DHL Express Service points to pick-up and drop-off shipments
  • Shipment
    • Support for Customer own calculated totals and sub-totals amounts on the Commercial invoice ('preCalculatedTotalGoodsValue','preCalculatedTotalInvoiceValue','preCalculatedLineItemTotalValue' and 'totalWithImportDutiesAndTaxes'). If all of these provided in the request then DHL Express will not auto-calculate the values but will use what is provided by the customer in the request
    • Currency Code made optional for non-declarable shipments 
    • Incoterm made optional for all non-declarable shipments
    • Introduced Shipment data validation flow to support data validation without label creation
    • Automated Digital Imaging (ADI) enablement


  • Invoice
    • Support for Customer own calculated totals and sub-totals amounts on the Commercial invoice ('preCalculatedTotalGoodsValue','preCalculatedTotalInvoiceValue','preCalculatedLineItemTotalValue' and 'totalWithImportDutiesAndTaxes'). If all of these provided in the request then DHL Express will not auto-calculate the values but will use what is provided by the customer in the request
  • Shipment
    • Support for multiple UN code values for Excepted Quantities(HH)  under valueAddedServices/dangerousGoods
    • Support for multiple MRN (Movement Reference number) values under content/exportDeclaration/invoice/customerReferences
  • Invoice
    • Support for Commercial Invoice’s indicative duty and tax amount rendering for customs purpose using   COMMERCIAL_INVOICE_P_10 and COMMERCIAL_INVOICE_L_10 templates
    • Support for multiple MRN (Movement Reference number) values under content/exportDeclaration/invoice/customerReferences
  • Shipment
    • Support Singapore OVR GSTN registration number and GST taxes
    • Support for Dangerous Goods customized statement on Shipment level
    • Validation of any Country code provided in the request message
  • Invoice
    • Validation of any Country code provided in the request message
  • Rates
    • Option to decide whether Quoted or Committed Estimated Delivery Date to be returned
  • Address
    • Support for County name (Suburb)
  • Shipment
    • Mandatory "exportDeclaration" section for declarable (non-documents) shipments
    • Support for Ultimate Consignee customer role
    • Introduced option that allows exact-match validation of postal address provided under Shipper and Receiver customer details
    • Support for Commercial Invoice’s indicative duty and tax amount rendering for customs purpose using COMMERCIAL_INVOICE_P_10 and COMMERCIAL_INVOICE_L_10 templates
  • Invoice
    • Support for Ultimate Consignee customer role
  • Rates
    • Introduced option to return dependent / mutual exclusive services list  
    • Introduced option that allows exact-match validation of postal address provided under Shipper and Receiver customer details
  • Shipment
    • Support for Global Returns Invoice templateName 'RET_COM_INVOICE_A4_01'
  • Shipment
    • Support for non-DHL barcode Licence plate identification number types
    • Added Export Line Item Reference Type of ECCN - No License Required indicator (NLR)
    • Ability to return provinceName in rendered Transport Label and Waybill document
    • List of supported incoterms updated
  • Invoice
    • Added Export Line Item Reference Type of ECCN - No License Required indicator (NLR)
  • Get Image – new API
    • Retrieve shipment related document images (Commercial Invoice, Waybill Document, Customs document)
  • Shipment 
    • Removed <function> field in Shipment request
  • Shipment
    • PDF Labels rendered can be requested to fit to A4 page size
  • Landed Cost 
    • Return landed cost with partial or no commodity code
    • Improved error messages
    • Ability to return tariff formula
  • Shipment

    • Support for upload Invoice data for existing shipment
    • Support for additional customs related e-commerce rules
  • Invoice – new API

    • Support for upload Invoice data before shipment is created
  • Shipment
    • Support for the new European Union VAT and customs e-commerce rules for the import of low value consignments as of July 1st 2021
    • Support for Loose BBX shipments
    • Support for Label-Less return shipments
    • Support for Cash-On-Delivery shipments
    • Support for upload of additional document images for Advanced Shipments

Added new endpoints to the API:

  • Tracking
  • Pickup
  • Identifier
  • Address
  • Initial Release of Rates, Shipments & Fully Landed Cost - ready for Pilot