E-POSTBUSINESS API for Hybrid Mail Shipments
v v2.3.3
Division: Post & Parcel Germany

Best for:

  • Business Customers sending PDF documents as mail shipment with Deutsche Post 
    • Using varied mail shipments of Deutsche Post with E-POST
    • Tracking the shipment from uploading through delivery
  • Get access and implementing the E-POSTBUSINESS API
Region: Global, Germany
Used for: Shipping

The E-POSTBUSINESS API allows business software developer (supplier) to implement varied mail shipments of Deutsche Post within their software.


The E-POSTBUSINESS API can handle different software distribution models, from distributed software through server instances. Due the standard accesshandling with in the business software, only technical logins are needed without any additinal role handling. The E-POSTBUSINESS API expects single PDF documents for the provided mail shipments as one by one or bulk upload. The detailed shipment processing information is provided also as bulk status requests as well as focused information for supplier. The core funtionality is:

  • Login for activating / setting the password an healtch check
  • Letter for uploading and status requests
  • Client for changing client data like mobile number
  • Vendor for requesting and setting focused information for supplier
  • Campagne for accessing an easy focussed print-mailing

Using the API

The API has been designed for use by developers. You will need basic knowledge of REST APIs, JSON, and HTTPS.
Additionally a knowledge of PDF creation, especially PDF/A-1b as well as the requirements of adresses and positioning for mail shipment ist needed.

Example Use Cases

  • Send the payrole mail with your HR application
    • create/adjust once your payrole documents to the layout provided by the API
    • create the monthly payrole documents as PDF/A-1b
    • upload the documents with the additinonal metadata like printing options and adresses for mail shipping
      to german or international receivers
    • check the process state for delivery informations or errors
  • Sending registered letters for dunning letter
    • create/adjust once your dunning letter to the layout provided by the API
    • create the dunning letters as PDF/A-1b
    • upload the documents like other letters but with registered letter options for registered mail shipping
    • check the process state for especially for the registered delivery informations or errors
Get Started

The following provides an overview on how to get access to the API.

    Technical Details on the API calls can be found here: API Specification
    Further hints on API usage are given in section "Hints" and following.

    Get Access

    In order to use the E-POSTBUSINESS API your organization has to agree to the terms and conditions for the E-POSTBUSINESS API as a dedicated contract. After that we'll enable your API account (vendorID and Deutsche Post account number) for activating the API and implementing it into your software.

    Please note: The API is at that point in test mode and can not transmitt mail shipments to the printing system.

    You must first activate the API with your given API account data, linke vendorID and Deutsche Post account number, called EKP. To do this, you must have access to your mobile device, stated during the contract process.
    During the activation you set your password and receive a salt.

    For switching from test mode to production mode, a e-mail request to the E-POSTBUSSINES API-Support ist needed.


    Every call to the API requires a vaild JWS (json web token), except the Login, setPassword, smsRequest and HealthCheck. Several logins with different JWS and tokenDuration are supportet. The Login with your vendorID, EKP, password and salt will provide you the required JWS as a bearer token for the supported functionality.


    The addressable API base URL/URI environments are:  

    Environment Description
    https://api.epost.docuguide.com Production environment


    Rate limits

    Rate limits protect the DHL infrastructure from suspicious requests that exceed defined thresholds.

    The table below details the main request limits, like discribed within the error schema:

    Rate Type Error Rate Text
    SMS Request E003 Zu viele SMS Anfragen - Es wurden innerhalb kurzer Zeit zu viele SMS-Codes angefordert. Die Anfrage über diese Kennung ist für 15 min blockiert.
    Test Document E320 Die maximal zulässige Menge an Testsendungen pro Tag wurde erreicht. Es sind heute keine weiteren Testsendungen möglich
    Status Request E322 Zu hohe Abfragefrequenz von Letter-Status Anfragen. Die Mindestdauer zwischen 2 Statusabfragen liegt bei 5 Sekunden.
    Test SMS/E-Mail Request E322 Zu häufige Abfragen innerhalb einer bestimmten Zeit. Die Mindestdauer zwischen den Abfragen darf 30 Sekunden nicht unterschreiten.

    When the limit is reached, you will receive an HTTP Status code: 

    429: Too many requests with <Rate Text>.  


    Legal Terms

    Specific legal terms for the access to and use of the E-POSTBUSINESS API

    • The (productive) use of the E-POSTBUSINESS API and the related DPDHL Services has the following pre-requisites:
      • E-POST-Nutzervertrages (for Supplier/Vendor), for implementing the E-POSTBUSINESS API by requesting a contract at https://www.deutschepost.de/epostapi as a "Softwareentwickler", signing it, and activate the account
      • E-POST Kundenvertrag (API-Onlinevertrag for sending letters) by requesting a contract at https://www.deutschepost.de/epostapi as a "Anwender/Kunden der Softwarepartner", receiving the contract and activating this account
      • Existence of a valid business customer identifier (“EKP-Kennung”)
      • Acceptance of the terms and conditions for the given contracts
    • In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between the General Developer Portal Terms of Use and the terms and conditions of the contracts of the E-POSTBUSINESS API, the terms and conditions of the E-POSTBUSINESS API shall prevail.



    Besondere Bedingungen für den Zugang zu und die Nutzung E-POSTBUSINESS API

    • Für die (produktive) Nutzung der E-POSTBUSINESS API DPDHL Services ist die Erfüllung der folgenden Voraussetzungen erforderlich:
      • E-POST-Nutzervertrage (Implementierer), zur Implementierung der E-POSTBUSINESS API, welcher über https://www.deutschepost.de/epostapi "Softwareentwickler" angefordert, gezeichnet und als Account aktiviert wurde
      • E-POST Kundenvertrag (API-Onlinevertrag für den Versand), welcher über https://www.deutschepost.de/epostapi "Anwender/Kunden der Softwarepartner" angefordert wurde, als Vertragsbestätung vorliegt und über die API aktiviert wurde
      • Vorhandensein einer gültigen Geschäftskunden-Kennung ("GKP-Kennung")
      • Akzeptanz jeweiligen Vertragsbedinungen während des Vertragsschlusses
    • Im Falle eines Widerspruchs oder einer Unstimmigkeit zwischen den Allgemeinen Nutzungsbedingungen für das API Developer Portal („General Developer Portal Terms of Use“) und den jweils abgeschlossenen Vertragsbedinungen zur E-POSTBUSINESS API, gelten die abgeschlossenen Vertragsbedinungen zur E-POSTBUSINESS API vorrangig.



    The FAQ of the E-POSTBUSINESS API in German: