Shipment Label (DHL Global Forwarding)
v 1.0.1
Division: DHL Global Forwarding

Best for:

  • Generating DGF shipment labels
  • Business customers of DHL Global Forwarding
  • Air and Ocean Freight shipments
Region: Global
Used for: Shipping

Shipment Label API allows developer to generate a shipment's label using DHL Global Forwarding shipment number (e.g. Housebill number and DHL Shipment ID). API response includes:

  • Base64 encoded JSON string of the requested label in either PDF or ZPL format
  • Binary encoded data of the requested label in either PDF or ZPL format

Please see API specification for more details.


This API generates a DHL Global Forwarding shipment label. It covers the following label types:

  1. Air Freight House waybill label

Sample Label for an Air Freight shipment :

Air Freight House Waybill Label

Using the API

You must have an eligible DHL Global Forwarding shipment number and a valid oAuth2 access token to use the API. 

Once access to the API is requested, please send us an email at describing your use case and tell us the name/email address of your DHL contact person. We will verify your identity before granting the access.

For additional information, please contact

User Guide

Get Access

You must request credentials for any applications you develop

To register your app and get your API subscription keys:

  1. Click My Apps on the portal website.
  2. Click the + Add App button to create a new app
    The “Add App” form appears.
  3. If you wish to add the API to an existing App, click on App's "Edit" button 
  4. Fill in the form
    Select "Shipment Label (DHL Global Forwarding)" from the API drop down list
  5. When you have completed the form, click the Add App button or Save button
  6. Please email for API request approval



Shipment Booking API uses oAuth 2.0 protocol to authenticate and authorize access to API consumers. For implementation details, please see Swagger specification on the "Reference Docs" tab. 

To view your API credentials :

  1. From the My Apps screen, click on the name of your app.
    The Details screen appears. 
  2. If you have access to more than one API, click the name of the relevant API. 
    Note: The APIs are listed under the “Credentials” section. 
  3. Click the Show link below the asterisks that is hiding the Consumer Key
    The Consumer Key appears.    



The addressable API base URL/URI environments are:  



Test environment

Production environment


Rate limits

Rate limits protect the DHL infrastructure from suspicious requests that exceed defined thresholds.

The table below details the main request limits:

Service Level

Maximum calls per minute

Maximum calls per day


400 per minute

No limit


Please contact if you need a different service level. 

When the limit is reached, you will receive an HTTP Status code: 

429: Too many requests.  


Legal Terms

Specifics for the use of Shipment Label Data

  1. To register for the use of and access to the Shipment Label API (DHL Global Forwarding) – hereinafter “DGF Shipment Label API” – You and/or the legal entity you are authorized to represent (hereinafter “You”/”Your”) need to have an active customer account with a DHL Global Forwarding entity (hereinafter referred to as “DHL”). An API Productive Key and access details will be provided to You subject to a successful validation of Your credentials by DHL. For the avoidance of doubt, a reference to the DGF Shipment Label API in these Legal Terms is deemed a reference to the DGF Shipment Label API including the API Services (such API Services include the upload and download of documents as set forth herein and in the scope description), unless the context suggests otherwise.
  2. The DGF Shipment Label API provides the possibility to generate DHL shipment labels using DHL’s shipment number (e.g. Housebill number and DHL Shipment ID). Please be aware that the generation of the shipment label by use of the DGF Shipment Label API does not constitute the contract of carriage. The contract of carriage will only be concluded when the shipment is handed over or picked up and accepted by DHL.
  3. If You engage an external developer, or other IT services provider to develop Your Application or any other third party (“Third Parties”) to access and/or use the DGF Shipment Label API on Your behalf, You remain fully liable for any acts or omissions of such Third Parties in connection with the access to and/or usage of the DGF Shipment Label API.
  4. These Legal Terms and the General Developer Portal Terms of Use govern Your use of and/or access to the DGF Shipment Label API and, unless otherwise stated herein, do not replace and/or modify the applicable terms and conditions of carriage; any transportation services agreement; or any other agreements with DHL or any of its affiliates, which govern services or products provided to You (separately, each an “Agreement”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, You expressly acknowledge and agree that solely with respect to Your use of and access to the DGF Shipment Label API the Legal Terms shall take precedence over the terms and conditions in an Agreement, unless an Agreement specifically addresses the use of or access to the DGF Shipment Label API by You, in which case the Agreement shall prevail.


  • Supports Air Freight House waybill label
  • Supports Ocean Freight House waybill label and additional shipment ID as input parameter.