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With Deutsche Post & DHL APIs, you can quickly and easily use our solutions for logistics and dialog marketing and extend your web services with useful information. Using our APIs, you can create shipping labels and Internet stamps, query shipment status or integrate our services into your online store.

Easy-to-use step-by-step instructions guide you through the entire connection process. Detailed documentations, code examples and extensive FAQs on the respective API pages will help you with the integration.
For more in-depth questions, you can also contact our support team.

Parcel APIs

Best for:

  • Creation of return labels to be used by end customers
  • Returns sender countries: bgr, dnk, deu, est, fin, fra, grc, gbr, irl, ita, hrv, lva, ltu, lux, mlt, nld, aut, pol, prt, rou, swe, che, svk, svn, esp, cze, hun, cyp
  • Determination of receiver configuration for your account

Best for:

  • Business customers of Post & Parcel Germany
  • Create and manage shipment labes for domestic and international Parcels

Best for:

With the DHL shipment tracking API pivate and business customers can query the shipment status and history of shipments at any time.

Best for:

  • Validate postnumbers to ensure deliverability of shipments to the corresponding person at Packstation parcel lockers.
Post APIs

Automatic completion of postal data

Best for:

  • More user friendly than ever with fast and convenient address entry
  • Accurate address data from initial contact
  • Fewer returns thanks to correct postal data
  • Simplified generation of routing codes with DHL-compliant data

Best for:

  • Creating labels for international mail, lightweight items and merchandise
  • European Business Customers sending worldwide

The INTERNETMARKE is the online-postage for mail products of Deutsche Post AG.

Best for:

Creation, purchase and payment of the following mail products:

  • postcards and letter mails domestic (with additional services Prio, registered mail, registered mail with personal delivery and return slip) 
  • postcards and letter mails international (with additional services registered mail, personal delivery)
  • domestic shipments of books and goods 

Best for:

  • Business Customers using Mail Communication Services (discounted rate) (Verfolgen Brief Teilleistungen)
  • Subscribing to DPDHL Mail Communication Tracking Push API
    • Register for Push API subscription
    • Provide your client URL and business customer portal user
    • Start receiving daily mail shipment status pushed from DPDHL to your endpoint

Best for:

  • Business customers of Deutsche Post AG
  • Electronic order management of Deutsche Post AG's commercial and logistics processes (Mail)

This API is used for creating and managing Print-Mailing campaigns as well as automated, trigger-based sending of recipient information through 3rd party Marketing Automation Systems.

The Print-Mailing API features:

  • Creating and managing campaigns
  • Designing campaigns with a maximum of individualization
  • High quality printing
  • Best in class delivery by Deutsche Post

This API is used for dispatching Dialogue Marketing print mailings.

  • Calculate and optimize prices
  • Create shipping documents
  • Franking
  • Place and change your order
  • Use an easy way for dispatch preparation in your software

This API is used for planning Dialogue Marketing print mailings.

  • Plan new target groups and
  • Select target areas.
  • Get possible options for your print mailing directly and
  • Receive relevant recipient data for the dispatch preparation.
Group APIs


Calculates the duties, taxes and governmental fees for any international shipment, taking into consideration country de minimis values and preferential tariff rates that may apply. The Duty and Tax Calculator API does not provide shipping rates, but instead uses the shipping rate charged to the consignee as an input.

Works with
Any carrier, not just DHL, and have a Worldwide scope (if you are a DHL Express customer, please use the DHL Express - MyDHL API)

Free 30-day trial
Get immediate access and 30 days of free calculations (API calls).

Looking for other Post and DHL Germany APIs?

You can also find the documentation for older Post & DHL APIs here in the Group API Developer Portal (GDP). Access to this can be provided to you free of charge. Please register for GDP and then contact our support team

On this info page you will find brief instructions and FAQs after switching to the new Group API Developer Portal in 2023.

Do you have further questions? Please refer to the latest FAQs:
I'm not sure which API to use.

Here are some tips that'll show you, how to navigate through the Developer Portal to find the API, fitting best to your business.

Browse API catalog by filtering APIs: If you browse through the API catalog you can use the left side filter navigation to enclose the shown APIs.
If you know the Division in which the product your API servs lies, please check the Division box to filter the APIs (e.g. Post & Parcel Germany). Another common way is to filter APIs by Service Type (e.g. Location / Shipping / Pickup / Tracking).

APIs Business Use Cases: Now, that you have filtered the APIs to a smaller amount, you should have a closer look at the API Teaser. The section "Best for" explains the business use case of the API and you'll find also the geographical location, where the API is available. You can find even more information of the API use case. After clicking on the API teaser, the API reference page opens, where you can find detaild information about the API under Get Started/Scope

What happens to Post and DHL Entwicklerportal?

In order to harmoize and modernize our API landscape for DP DHL overall, we are currently transferring the old Post and DHL Entwicklerportal APIs and funcionalities to the new Developer Portal.

Please refer to the information in the old developer portal, we are going to provide during the year 2023.

How do I get informed about IT-service and API incidents?

In case of IT-service and API incidents you get proactively informed by Post & Parcel Germany. All you have to do is: Visit the IT Status Dashboard under and register for all services you'd like to get informed about.

How do I use the Postman Test Collection

You have provided a Postman test collection, but I don't know how to use it. Please read our step-by-step instructions at: