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Best for:

This service is used to update Alt Instruction for Waybill number. Few Alternative instruction are RTO which is Cancel Waybill for a shipment and all.

Customer Alt-Instruction Update :

This service provide us the information to Update Alternate instructions for a Waybill number. Alternate instructions are RTO of a shipment, Reattempt for delivery, Escalation Delivery, Land Mark Change and Alternate Mobile.

Best for:

The Location Finder provides you with information on locations serviced by Blue Dart. It also outlines the services available for each location. This service can be used by the customer to be better advised on the serviceability and reach of Blue Dart locations. This query input is based on pin code.

Get Service for Pin-code :

This method will return information about all types of services provided by Blue Dart for requested pin code.

Get Service for Product:

This method will return service availablity for requested pincode,product / subproduct.

Get Service for Pincode and Product:

This method will return service availablity for requested pincode,product / subproduct.

Best for:

This API exposes methods those will be used for masters download. It will downloads incremental pin code master changes

Download Pincode Master :

Downlaod-Pincode-Master service will help us to downloads incremental pin code master changes

Best for:

The Cancel Pickup registration API exposes methods which will be used to cancel a Pickup. This Service provide the flexibility to registered customer to cancel its Shipment pickup

Cancel Pickup Registration :

This service will allow customer or user to cancel a pickup for its shipment. Canceling of pickup will be applicable to customer who are registered for the shipment order to Pickup.

The customer will use detail along with additional information related to shipment as token number and pickup registration date for its shipment order.

Best for:

The product and Sub-Product Pickup Detail registration API exposes methods which will be used to get detail of a Pickup. This Service provide the flexibility to customer to cancel its get the detail of the pickup

Get All Products and Sub-Products:

This method will return all product & subproduct codes details that will be used to send as input parameters in Pickup Registration method.

This service will allow customer provides all product & subproduct details for its shipment.

Best for:

The registration pickup API provides the flexibility for the Blue Dart customer to register themself for pick up the shipment order.

Register Pickup:

This service will allow customer for Registering their pickup for its shipment. Registration of pickup will be applicable to customer to provide details like Area, Product, Customer Name, Address, Telephone details, etc. The response for the product provides Token Number for the registered shipment and Status of the order.

Best for:

The API provide customer with all detail information and status of their shipment.

Shipment Detail:

This operation will return all the information of customer shipment.

Shipment Status:

This operation will provide us all the status information of customer shipment.

Best for:

  • Creating labels for international mail, lightweight items and merchandise
  • European Business Customers sending worldwide

Best for:

  • DHL Parcel Connect shipping & tracking
  • DHL Parcel Return Connect shipping & tracking
  • DHL Parcel Connect PLUS shipping & tracking
  • Creating cross-border & direct injection shipments within Europe
  • Large business customers of DHL eCommerce in Europe
  • Sending shipments within Europe and from Europe (excl. DE) into Rest of World


  • DHL Expressで発送する荷物の見積もり、出荷書類作成、追跡
  • DHL Expressのアカウント番号をお持ちのお客様
  • 対象:グローバル

Best for:

  • Capability, quoting, routing, shipment, pickup, tracking & more for time-definite international shipments
  • Users with a DHL Express customer account
  • Available globally

Best for:

  • Creation of return labels to be used by end customers
  • Returns sender countries: bgr, dnk, deu, est, fin, fra, grc, gbr, irl, ita, hrv, lva, ltu, lux, mlt, nld, aut, pol, prt, rou, swe, che, svk, svn, esp, cze, hun, cyp
  • Determination of receiver configuration for your account

Best for:

  • Business customers of Post & Parcel Germany
  • Create and manage shipment labes for domestic and international Parcels

DHL GLOBAL FORWARDING: Air, Ocean and Ground Freight Forwarding

DOCUMENT: Download electronic documents from DHL Global Forwarding Document Management Systems


Calculates the duties, taxes and governmental fees for any international shipment, taking into consideration country de minimis values and preferential tariff rates that may apply. The Duty and Tax Calculator API does not provide shipping rates, but instead uses the shipping rate charged to the consignee as an input.

Works with
Any carrier, not just DHL, and have a Worldwide scope.

Free 30-day trial
Get immediate access and 30 days of free calculations (API calls).

Best for:

  • Business Customers sending PDF documents as mail shipment with Deutsche Post 
    • Using varied mail shipments of Deutsche Post with E-POST
    • Tracking the shipment from uploading through delivery
  • Get access and implementing the E-POSTBUSINESS API

Sales Invoice Push API enables customers to receive invoice data from DHL Freight. 

Best for receiving:

  1. Sales Invoice
  2. Credit Notes
  3. Correction Invoice

Push API is a three step process. 

  1. Register for Push API subscription
  2. Provide your URL callback details (POST /subscription/invoice)
  3. Start to receive messages pushed from DHL to your API

Other HTTP methods such as GET & PATCH are created for supporting you with fetching subscription details & modifying configurations.