Document (DHL Global Forwarding)
v 1.0.2
Division: DHL Global Forwarding

DHL GLOBAL FORWARDING: Air, Ocean and Ground Freight Forwarding

DOCUMENT: Download electronic documents from DHL Global Forwarding Document Management Systems

Region: Global
Used for: Additional Services

Document API allows developer to download documents from DHL Global Forwarding document management systems.


The API provides access to electronic documents in DHL Global Forwarding document management system. Current scope is limited to download of shipment "Proof of Delivery" document only. Additional document types will be added in the near future. 

Using the API

You must have an eligible shipper / consignee account number (DHL Global Forwarding accounts) and a valid oAuth2 access token to use the API.

We will verify your identity before granting you access to the API in production. To speed up the process, please send us an email at and tell us the name/email address of your DHL contact person. We will use the information to lookup your account information. 

For additional information, please contact


User Guide


    Document API uses oAuth 2.0 protocol to authenticate and authorize access to API consumers. For implementation details, please see Swagger specification on the "Reference Docs" tab. 

    To view your API credentials :

    1. From the My Apps screen, click on the name of your app.
      The Details screen appears. 
    2. If you have access to more than one API, click the name of the relevant API. 
      Note: The APIs are listed under the “Credentials” section. 
    3. Click the Show link below the asterisks that is hiding the Consumer Key
      The Consumer Key appears.    



    The addressable API base URL/URI environments are:  

    Environment Description

    Production environment


    Rate limits

    Rate limits protect the DHL infrastructure from suspicious requests that exceed defined thresholds.

    The table below details the main request limits:

    Service Level Maximum calls per minute Maximum calls per day




    Please contact if you need a different service level. 

    When the limit is reached, you will receive an HTTP Status code: 

    429: Too many requests.  


    Legal Terms
    Specifics for the use of the Document (DHL Global Forwarding) API
    1. To register for the use of the Document (DHL Global Forwarding) API (hereinafter “Document DGF API”) You and/or the legal entity you are authorized to represent (hereinafter “You”/”Your”) need to have an active customer account with a DHL Global Forwarding entity (hereinafter referred to as “DHL”). An API Productive Key and access details will be provided to You subject to a successful validation of Your credentials by DHL. For the avoidance of doubt, a reference to the Document DGF API in these Legal Terms is deemed a reference to the Document DGF API including the API Services (such API Services include the download of documents as set forth herein and in the scope description), unless the context suggests otherwise.
    2. If You engage an external developer, or other IT services provider to develop Your Application or any other third party (“Third Parties”) to access and/or use the Document DGF API on Your behalf, You remain fully liable for any acts or omissions of such Third Parties in connection with the access to and/or usage of the Document DGF API.
    3. These Legal Terms and the General Developer Portal Terms of Use govern Your use of and/or access to the Document DGF API and, unless otherwise stated herein, do not replace and/or modify the applicable terms and conditions of carriage; any transportation services agreement; or any other agreements with DHL or any of its affiliates, which govern services or products provided to You (separately, each an “Agreement”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, You expressly acknowledge and agree that solely with respect to Your use of and access to the Document DGF API the Legal Terms shall take precedence over the terms and conditions in an Agreement, unless an Agreement specifically addresses the use of or access to the Document DGF API by You, in which case the Agreement shall prevail.
    4. You grant DHL the non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty free and revocable right for right to use all data, documents, logos or other information transmitted by You to or within the Document DGF API for purposes of providing the API and its related services.
    5. You shall use the Document DGF API only for the legitimate contractual purposes and only in connection with Your DHL shipments or your DHL transactions (e.g. customs filing).
    6. DHL processes personal data provided by customer in Document DGF API as required for the provision of the API Services, in accordance with applicable laws and the Deutsche Post DHL Data Privacy Policy. The privacy information is available under the tab “Privacy Notice” in the footer of the website.
    7. API Services

      The following specific prerequisites and restrictions apply for the use of and access to the Document DGF API:
    • You are responsible for all activities conducted via the Document DGF API in accordance with the General Developer Portal Terms of Use, these Legal Terms and all applicable laws, in particular competition, data protection and customs laws.
    • Documents and/or data, which You receive via the Document DGF API shall generally be deemed Confidential Information in the meaning of section “Communication” of the General Developer Portal Terms of Use. You must not reveal and/or provide third parties with the documents or data and/or analyze, modify such documents or data in any form and/or derive data/information especially for competitive purposes from it without our prior written consent.
    • You shall not tamper with or otherwise misuse the electronic signature that You receive in the context of the electronic proof of delivery document. Such document is for Your own accounting and/or evidentiary purposes only.
    • If You are not a party to the relevant DHL transaction (e.g. DHL shipment, customs filing etc.),
      • You shall ensure, that you are authorized to act on behalf of the relevant transactional party;
      • You shall make the transactional party aware of the restrictions set out both in the User Guide (including these Legal Terms) for this Document DGF API and the General Developer Portal Terms of Use.



    • Added support to referenceType of customs reference and masterbill number to list document.
    • Added the missing Authorize button.
    • Initial release - Supports download of Proof of Delivery document