Freight Sales Invoice Push API
v 1.0.0
Division: DHL Freight

Sales Invoice Push API enables customers to receive invoice data from DHL Freight. 

Best for receiving:

  1. Sales Invoice
  2. Credit Notes
  3. Correction Invoice

Push API is a three step process. 

  1. Register for Push API subscription
  2. Provide your URL callback details (POST /subscription/invoice)
  3. Start to receive messages pushed from DHL to your API

Other HTTP methods such as GET & PATCH are created for supporting you with fetching subscription details & modifying configurations.

Region: Global, (except Sweden Domestic & Germany)
Used for: Sales Invoice, Credit Notes, Correction Invoice
Get Started

With Sales Invoice Push API, you can integrate our invoicing data into your applications. We are sharing below invoice data to your system.

  1. Sales Invoice 

  2. Credit Notes (Sales invoice data + 4 additional fields: creditInvoiceNumber, creditInvoiceDate, creditInvoiceReason, invoiceType as “2”)

  3. Correction Invoice (Sales invoice data + 4 additional fields: correctionInvoiceNumber, correctionInvoiceDate, correctionInvoiceReason,invoiceType as “8”)

To use the DHL Freight Sales Invoice Push API, your organization requires to have an active customer account with DHL Freight, proceed to below steps:

1) Login: Sign up in developer portal
2) Create App:
  1. Click on "Get Access" button on top -right of this page

  2. Give an "App name" & "Description"

  3. Select "API 's name" as "DHL Freight Sales Invoice Push API"

  4. Under "Add API to app", click on "+" icon to select API product

  5. Submit "Create App"

3) Request review:

Send an email to along with your DHL contact person mail id in CC for getting access to Sales Invoice Push API APP. (We cannot proceed to next step, if you forget to send your DHL Contact person mail id)

DHL Freight IT representatives in country of your registration will review your request. Approval process may take less than 2 working days. Once you receive email approval confirmation mail, proceed to next step

4) View credentials: From the My Apps screen, click on your app. Under "Credentials"section, click "Show Key" to view API key & secret 

See demonstration below:

Create APP demo

API specification

​ API Sequence Diagram

High level API sequence diagram of Freight Sales Invoice Push API

Sandbox and production environment come equipped with self-explanatory documentation.

Invoice message branching diagram below:

Node Cardinality Description
header     1..1 Message Header Details
invoice         1..1 Invoice Summary Details
  issuingParty   1..1 Issuing Branch Details
  customer     1..1 Customer Details
  billToParty     1..1 Bill To Party Details
  billToPostalParty   1..1 Bill To Postal Party Details
  VAT     1..n VAT Details
  items 1..n Shipment Details Group
    shipper 0..1 Shipper Details
    carrier 0..1 Carrier Details
    pickup 0..1 Pickup Details
    deliver 0..1 Delivery Details
    service 1..n Service Details Group


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: A complete message implementation guide is available in Downloads.

Postman Collection

Postman is a collaboration platform for API development and testing. Our postman collection helps you to get started quickly. If you are new to postman, you can download application here.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You can import our postman collection from Downloads.

Demonstration below:

(Demonstration is a gif file. Please feel free to download MP4 from Downloads.)

Postman demo


Service & Support

Raise your queries via our help center

If you have questions on Sales Invoice Push API specifications, please choose following fields while filling form in help center:

  1. Category: "Questions on specific API" 
  2. To which Deutsche Post DHL division does the API belong?: "DHL Freight"
  3. Select the API Service: "Sales Invoice Push API"


Most frequently asked general Q&A
How do I get onboarded to production?

Once UAT and regression testing signed off, send an email to, & Either Jan or Peter will give you production environment credentials.

Is this API solution available globally?

As of API's initial release, we cannot support Sweden Domestic & Germany (waiting for EVO TMS rollout)

Do we support SFTP communication method?

Indeed. If you want to receive JSON payload via SFTP server, then we shall share our SFTP details with you.

  Project title Project Team Short description of updates
Version 1.0.0 Sales Invoice Push API Solution Design & Rollout Krishna Chaitanya Surati, Mary Mae Cameros, Ralph Lawrence, Martin Valent, Ancy Seles (Product Owner) Initial release