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Dear DHL Express customer, please note that DHL Express XML Portal is now sunset and related documentation has became available on DHL Developer portal under MyDHL API - XML page. 


If you want to start integrating with DHL Express for the first time we recommend MyDHL API RESTful APIs which has superseded the DHL Express XML implementation. MyDHL API offers much more features and capabilities compared to DHL Express XML.

For DHL Express MyDHL API credentials, please access the link at MyDHL API RESTful APIs and click on "Get Access" button or use Direct onboarding link:


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If you still prefer integrating using DHL Express XML please visit the MyDHL API - XML page to download developer toolkit with necessary XSDs or XML interface specification in Open API Specification format. 


If you are existing DHL Express XML user integrated using XML and have registered via the XML Portal in the past, please follow the below steps to manage your existing SiteID and related credentials:

  1. Reset your password by providing email address you've registered with on XML Portal in the past. If resetting your password fails, as an alternative please register as a new user with the same e-mail address you used on XML Portal. Once registered, your existent XML Credentials (SiteID) will be mapped to your account
  2. Login using your email address and new password on the DHL Developer portal
  3. Your XML Credentials (SiteID) have been migrated and linked to your portal identity. To show credentials please click on the "person" icon 

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In case of issues accessing the DHL API Developer Portal or retrieving the existing SiteID credentials, please contact your local DHL Express IT representative.